Interim Management


Interim Director Finance and New Financial Services, Member of the Executive Committee

European market leader in the field of fuel card and toll service for the transport industry

80% shareholding Family Office
20% shareholding Private Equity
1.000 employees
8.5 billion revenues


  • Transform the Company from private to public (Capital Market Readiness)
  • Changeover from local GAAP to IFRS
  • Implementation of a working capital management
  • Implementation of new financial statements and KPIs (MIS, shareholders, banks)
  • Launch and development of new financial products

Interim Manager for Finance, Purchase, Legal, HR, Risk Management and Strategy (Member of the Board)

One of Germany’s largest bakeries in the food industry

2,800 employees
600 M€ turnover


  • Set up “fit-for-future” program due to new group strategy
  • Issue new factoring line for working capital measurements
  • Built up new purchase terms and conditions for raw materials
  • Establish cost cutting program

Interim Manager and Managing Director for Finance, Legal, HR and Facility Management

One of Germany’s largest manufacturers of concrete pre-fabricated garages and specialist for building semi-detached and terraced houses

600 employees
100 mil. € turnover
subsidiary of an international construction company


  • Successful turnaround of the company by disinvestment strategy of all loss making divisions, cost cutting program and HC reduction without employee strike rights
  • Restructuring the remaining core business Garage by combining production facilities, implementing IT strategy for logistics and sales and rebuilding the sales channel
  • Ensuring financial support by the current banking consortium for the next 2 years and establishing new banking facilities
  • Building up a new finance department and establishing a Management Information System

Interim Manager for Finance (CFO)

Europe’s largest and most diversified specialist train leasing company with offices in Antwerp, Cologne, Luxembourg and Madrid

75 employees
fleet of 400 locomotives and 300 passenger trains


  • Built up the Finance- and IT department after spin-off from London-based company in Cologne, Antwerp and Luxemburg
  • Built up a new Controlling department and introduced a Management Information System
  • Supported M&A Activities

Interim Manager Finance

Manufacturer of Locomotives with focus on service, maintenance and repair for national and international clients

55 employees


  • Establishment of a restructuring and reorganization program (new sales strategy, close down facility)
  • Negotiations with IG Metall and works council about implementation of cost cutting program (reduce HR costs)
  • Negotiations with commercial banks, credit insurance companies and suppliers to support company’ new focus
  • Support M&A process

Interim Manager for Legal Affairs, reporting directly to the CRO, CFO and Head of Legal Department

(CRO and CFO)
leading international manufacturer of engineered wood, surface finished products and laminate flooring

5.200 employees
18 plants in North America, Western and Eastern Europe


  • Structuring and supporting a financial restructuring program (haircut, bridge financing, capital cut, capital increase, waiver of debt against equity-swap) from the legal and equity capital market side in close cooperation with international law firms to avoid insolvency
  • Establishment and lead management of the Due Diligence for the financial restructuring program (Haircut and Bridge Financing)
  • Avoid insolvency of parent company and group members by providing close legal and financial support

Interim Manager and Coach for Head of Finance

Gas Storage Cavern Company, Joint Venture of an international Energy Consortium


  • Budget- and Business Planning; short-, mid- and longterm
  • Structuring and Build Up of the Finance Department (Start up phase)

Interim Manager: Head of Finance and Law, Member of Board of Directors, Germany

international property developer with subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Indonesia


  • Ensuring all project finance loans (about 300 M €), by acquiring new banks and freezing credit default swaps (despite banking crisis)
  • Ensuring financing for the main company project (volume 50 M€) by restructuring and negotiating a joint venture as a win-win situation for all involved parties

Head of Finance, HR, Administration and Law

global firm active in the field of technical documentation with 11 national and 4 international subsidiaries
  • Decision-making ability of the company restored by successful buyback of shares for the managing partner of a private equity company
  • Tax-optimized structuring of the group to avoid burden on company profits (purchased a SPV, established profit & loss transfer agreement)

Decision Support Manager/ Head of Finance and Legal

German subsidiary Consulting company, active worldwide with focus on process optimization, management consulting and growth strategies
  • Successful monitoring of the sale of the Company (MBO) from an institutional investor in the U.S. (Novell) to a financial investor in the UK by working closely with the Holding Company’s headquarter in Paris and London, taking into account 4 different accounting rules (US-GAAP, UK GAAP, IFRS and German GAAP)
  • Risk reduction through securing and extension of Sarbanes Oxley Rules (SOX)

Chief Operating Officer and Turnaround Manager (Finance, Law and Administration)

International Conference Organizer
  • Conducting international negotiations and steering interaction between public sector and private companies as well as negotiating sponsorship contracts
  • Business Development activities such as repositioning of the client, development of new business areas, creation of new conference topics

Consulting project: Capital Markets Expert

Biotech Companies
  • Successful Shadow management for the managing partners and their lawyers on the sale of shares

»Whoever really understands the emotional component and motives of the alleged opponent can win him over and make the decisive chess move that will benefit the client and all involved parties.«

Katrin Grunert-Jäger
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