Profile K'G'J' INTERIM

Core facts at a glance:

  • Interim Manager since 2002, Interim Manager of the Year 2013 (AIMP)
  • "Sales Allrounder" for Finance, Law and Controlling
  • Certified Manager for financial restructuring and reorganization
  • Expert for companies undergoing difficult transition periods
  • Strong commercial strategist and legal negotiator
  • Strong banking background with broad experience in different sectors (real estate, construction and mechanical engineering, automotive supplier, biotechnology, medical technology)
  • Strong commercial strategist and legal negotiator

"In my view, negotiating transactions that steer companies into a better overall position is the supreme discipline."

"As in a chess game, the next strategic move is key. More often than not, the psychological aspects of the negotiating partner are just as, if not more, important than the objective issues under consideration."

"Whoever really understands the emotional component and motives of the alleged opponent can win him over and make the decisive chess move that will benefit the client and all involved parties."

Katrin Grunert-Jaeger

K´G´J´INTERIM Finance & More:

More than „just“ Head of Finance, Law and Controlling

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